HEREFORD midfielder Miles Storey was taken to hospital during Hereford’s 2-0 win over Guiseley after a clash of heads in the first half.

The incident happened in the 22nd minute with Storey and Jake Hull competing for aerial ball with both players left hurt by the collision.

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“We were concerned obviously I’ve had a few blackouts in my career and he was out, said Gowling talking to Keith Hall.

“It was a clash of heads and he’s got a big welt on the side of his head. He’s gone to hospital so they’ll be assessing him there.

“He was very dazed and I think he was out unconscious for a period. We’ve got good medical staff with Aaron (Nesbit) and their physio who helped straight away.

“Hopefully he’s fine. We’ll obviously check on him, he’s in hospital right now and we’ll get the latest.”