WESTFIELDS manager Phil Glover is excited about forming a partnership with Hereford and hopes that it will work.

The Hellenic Premier Division side have also got an under-18 development side but Glover feels the jump between the age group and senior football is a big one.

RELEVANT NEWS: Hereford FC boss wants to form partnership with Westfields

"It is exciting and hopefully we can make it work," said Glover.

"Me and Josh (Gowling) have been speaking at the end of last season and over the course of this season,

"We both feel that with the under-18s in both camps that the jump to the first team is so big.

"Like Hereford we haven't got a reserve or development side.

"It's not just youngsters in the thought process but players coming back injuries.

"You can see from the likes of Ryan Green and Rob Purdie who have been professional had good careers and want to be around our club.

"Our club is run properly and is a good environment. I really believe that we've got the best local talent, bar on or two, and this is a different avenue to benefit both clubs. We know it has to work both ways.

"It's something that we need to iron out a few details and the expectations from both sides which will need to be managed."

Over recent years players have rarely moved between the two sides but Glover now hopes that players can sign on dual-registration deals for the benefit of both clubs.

"For some reason over the years the committees of both clubs have not seen eye to eye and haven't got on," added Gowling.

"That's nothing to do with the current clubs. When I first came in I had a conversation with Josh (Gowling) and this is a step in the right direction.

"Where we are in the country this makes sense. In the cities like Bristol lots of players are on dual-registration and the bigger sides have links with other clubs.

"That's the thought process behind it so it should be good."