HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling says that he wants to build a partnership with Westfields.

The Bulls manager wants to loan the Hellenic Premier side some of the club's younger players and also those returning from injury or not in his immediate plans.

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"I want to build a relationship with Westfields at the football club," said Gowling.

"I think it's important that we build back relationships and I've had a good chat with Westfields.

"We've got some good young kids at our club and we want them out playing men's football.

"They're probably not quite ready for us but a team like Westfields would be a fantastic opportunity for them.

"We're looking at teams like that to build a partnership with in the local community where we can also get friendly games in to get some lads minutes.

Despite the Bulls first team living and training outside Herefordshire he says that would not stop them playing for Fields to get match fitness.

"Games are games so if they're playing a home game at Westfields or at Hereford it's pretty much the same journey," added Gowling.

"We just want to get the lads minutes so if we can make those links.

"There has been a broken relationship between the clubs but that wasn't me and I get on with the manager there.

"Some of the lads that are in our first team but not getting minutes, it's a good level to play at to get those minutes and be ready when we need them."

With a host of Herefordshire youngsters currently learning their trade in the senior game at Westfields the Bulls boss says a partnership would also allow him to look at their youngsters.

"I know they've got a couple of good lads playing there," Gowling added.

"Our analyst looks at the local area to look at talent. I know they've got some talented boys there.

"It gives us an opportunity to look at them and for them to look at our lads."

However, with Hereford playing Westfields next month in the Herefordshire County Cup the Bulls boss has ruled out any of his players starting against his side.