HEREFORD FC have signed a 'young and hungry' striker on loan from Bristol Rovers.

Ollie Hulbert, aged 18, has signed on an initial one-month loan deal.

After moving through the Bristol Rovers Academy the young striker was on loan at Cardiff Met last season scoring 14 goals in 23 games in the Welsh Premier.


"That's some goal scoring record," said Gowling.

"We've brought him in, it gives us reinforcements and extra competition in the squad which is what we need.

"It gives us a lift as well. He is young and hungry and has been in the Welsh Premier playing.

"He's a number nine, a strong boy about 5"11 and plays off the shoulder.

"He comes alive inside the box, will link things. I wouldn't say he's a hold the ball up type but he's one to play off the shoulder.

"When he gets opportunities he scores goals. It gives us a different way of playing.

"At the moment we play two wide men but it gives us the option of playing two up top if we want to.

"Dan (Smith) is a bit of a pest and a nuisance and will get himself about.

"If we can get people feeding off him then that's fantastic.

We've also got Miles (Storey) who can play as a nine so that's an option as well.

"I think at the moment if somebody gets injured, if Dan (Smith) gets injured then we don't have a replacement.

"That's a problem, so bringing another number nine in who is young and hungry.

"Hopefully he comes on and scores and then fans will love him and get behind him.

"He'll work off the shoulder, he'll get goals. One thing with Ollie is he'll get those scruffy tap ins.

"You've seen our games this season where we've flashed the ball across the six yards box because there's nobody to tap the ball into the back of the net.

"That's the sign of a striker which is built into you.

Hulbert is another youngster looking to prove his talent at Edgar Street this season.

Gowling says being young in the game does have its advantages.

He added: "As a young lad sometimes it's good to bring them in as they've got no fear.

"When you get older lads in they understand what it means and they understand failure.

"With failure comes fear.

"Young lads don't have that they're naive to life, look at Harry (Pinchard) he comes on and plays in front of 2,000 people which he's never done before and he doesn't care because he doesn't understand what it's like to make a mistake in front of 2,000 people.

"He just goes out there and plays his best football."