MIDFIELDER Chris Camwell is amongst five players released by Hereford FC for the coming season.

The 22-year-old signed for Hereford from Coventry United last season and has scored some key goals in the 2020/21 campaign.

Also released is goalkeeper Paul White who signed from Kettering last summer and played during the start of the season before losing the number one shirt.

Midfielder Samir Nabi and forwards Dylan Jones and Michael Bakare have also been released.

Earlier this week Bulls manager Josh Gowling said budget constraints would be some players would leave this season.


Hereford have signed midfielder Tom Owen-Evans and versatile player Luke Haines.

Meanwhile, they are in talks with: Brandon Hall
Jared Hodgkiss
George Forsyth
Jamie Grimes
Joey Butlin
Kyle Finn
Kennedy Digie
Toby Raison
James McQuilkin
Ryan Lloyd
Yan Klukowski
Ryan McLean
Maziar Kouhyar

Invited back for pre-season is Ben Pollock and Richard Whittingham.

Meanwhile, the loan spells of Callum Rowe and Lewis Butroid have been completed.