HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling said his opposing boss Mark Stimpson just wanted to shout at him after the full-time whistle in the FA Trophy final.

Stimpson and Hereford assistant manager Steve Burr had words following the full-time whistle after Hornchurch won the trophy 3-1.


“We were trying to congratulate them but they had a lot to say about things and wanted to scream and shout at us,” said Gowling.

“It’s a big game for them and they’ve been on a fantastic run.

Meanwhile Stimpson, who manager Gowling as a player at Gillingham said that that his opposing number would go far in the game.

“I told him he’s going to go far in the game,” he added.

“He talks the game really well and says all the things you have to say to give yourself an opportunity. A lot of chairman want to hear that.

“I’m a bit old school and look at the heart and desire while some coaches are about the mind and transition. I don’t understand that to be honest.”