HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling expects the budget he has to work with next season to be the same as in 2020/21.

With no fans allowed to attend matches for the majority of this season finances of clubs have been hit hard across the country.

Gowling who has signed a two-year contract at the club has already started preparing for next season.

"We've sat down with the board regarding the budget for next season," he told the club's official website

"Covid has been tough on the club with the finances that weren't given to us by the National League has probably hit us a lot harder than other clubs.

"Budget wise we'll be looking at the same budget we had last year so it's going to be tough.

"We're going to try and keep as many players as we can together.

"I think we got a large portion of the players because of Covid so it's going to be tough to keep everyone together but we're going to do our best to do that.

"Again we're going to have to be diligent in the market and probably being in a couple of players that are probably a bit more flexible in the positions that they play because of what we're going to be doing with the budget this season."


The Bulls are preparing for the FA Trophy final on May 22.

They are also on an unbeaten run of 11 games in all competitions.

Gowling hopes to keep the core of his squad together for the new campaign.

"It's exciting, we're building and looking at the final of course," added Gowling.

"We're already speaking to players and planning for next season.

"We've had a great group all season and I think that's clear, the comradery in the group is excellent and I think getting to a final helps that as well.

"We've been on a great run, we want to keep the lads together, they are professionals and love being at the football club.

"That's a big thing and it's great that we can go to a final and play in front of our fans.

"They've not had it enough, they've only had it twice but this season so it will be great that it ends with such a great climax with hopefully 3,000.

"We've had quite a lot of turnover in players the last couple of years so it will be nice going into a new season and keeping the core of the lads together so the fans know the players.

"I think that's a really big thing. We want to improve on this year in the league and we know if we do that the fans will come out in their masses.