HEREFORD Lads Club are applying to join the Hellenic Premier Division - in doing so completing a 10-year plan.

The County Ground side had a mission to move from the Herefordshire league to join Westfields in step-five of the non-league pyramid.

It comes as the FA has invited the top three clubs in the Hellenic Division One West, based on points accumulated in the last two seasons, to apply for promotion.

"We had a 10-year plan to get from grassroots to step five and we've done it in nine," said Lads Club manager Danny Moon.

"I doesn't matter how we've done it we've got there.

"We've always been challenging in this league and probably would have gone up the season before."

To comply with regulations at the next level Lads Club would have to install 50 more seats at the County Ground and also a public address system.

If granted promotion they could join Westfields in the Hellenic Premier.

"Now it will be about stabilising really as we know at that level up it will be different again with the amount of money involved," added Moon.

"As a club we're probably not taken as seriously as the likes of Westfields, Pegasus and Wellington.

"It will be an opportunity as 95 per cent of our squad haven't played at that level so they can see what it's about.

"The majority of our players are young so we will see what happens.

"We've just got to wait and see now but we've applied."