HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling says has given his players some down-time before they ramp up training ahead of their FA Trophy final at Wembley on May 22.

The Bulls beat Woking 1-0 in the semi-final on March 27, and so have two months to prepare for the final match.

Gowling says that keeping the players focused for that long would risk them burning out.

Talking to Matt Ponter on Hereford FC TV, he said: "We're going to frame it a bit different and what we're going to do first and foremost, because it's been an up and down season, is give the lads a period where it will be down time.

"Training will be more about fun and not concentrating on the game.

"When we looked at recruitment and lads coming in they all knew somebody in the dressing room.

"We knew we didn't have a long time. If you look at pre-season we had about 90,000 trialists in which wasn't great.

"So the players we knew we had to recruit had to know somebody in the dressing room so the team was built at the back end of pre-season they knew each other anyway.

"The team spirit is excellent. But I feel sometimes you can be too focused for too long and then you get a burn out so what we decided to do was just relax.

"Train, have some fun and skill games in training, have a bit of banter and team bonding stuff.

"In a week or two weeks we will be focusing our minds on the game on May 22, training properly and making sure we get our fitness levels up.

"We will have a couple of weeks when the lads are going to get worked.

On their last visit to Wembley favourites Hereford suffered a 4-1 at the hands of Morpeth in the FA Vase final in May 2016.

Gowling says it's important that the players separate the occasion from the performance.

He added: "We've already spoken about Wembley, I've been there and played there.

"It's two fold, one it's about the occasion and secondly it's about the game.

"First and foremost we have to deal with the occasion and once we've dealt with the occasion that will be out of the window.

"Then we will go into the game like any other game.

"We'll probably go to the stadium a couple of weeks before so the lads can have a look around.

"The worst thing is turning up there, there's fans there and a massive stadium and the players will be like what is this?

"So we'll get that out of the way and then it's got to be focus on the game.

"So when we turn up on May 22, we're not playing at Wembley any more.

"We will just be playing another game trying to keep our unbeaten record going."