Lyonshall BC

Online (March 23): 1. Dennis & Kathy Chapple 67.6%; 2. Sue Enfield & Shan Smith 63.7; 3. Barbara Johnson & Daniel Pearce-Higgins 62.8; 4. Liz Thornerycroft & Judy Hill 61.9

Village People BC

Regular Wellington BC players Isobel Bird and Elizabeth Jones (pictured suitably socially distanced) won the "Village People" Charity Cup final against underdogs Mary and James Organ.

In the league on Thursday, Helen Powers and Daniel Pearce Higgins were 'Top Guns' for the first time with Simon Evans and Peter Quick only four IMPs behind in second place.

Helen Earley and Anna Macbean with 35 IMPs had the highest score of the night and were champions of the Queens' Division.