CROWN green bowlers are dusting off their shoes and preparing for action after 12 months away from the sport.

Dorstone Bowls Club sits in the Golden Valley and is the only crown green bowls club in the county.

Founded in 1980 the founding members were allowed, by Dorstone Parish Council, to have a corner of the playing field in Dorstone to build their green.

The club is situated on the outskirts of the village on the B4348 road opposite St Faiths Church, about seven miles from Hay-on-Wye. All other outside greens in Herefordshire play lawn green bowls.

Lawn bowls has a flat green divided into lanes inside of which one bowls up and down.

There are no lanes in crown green and the green is not flat but has a centre 15 inches higher than the outside edges.

There are no uniforms and the only stipulation is the wearing of soft heeled shoes or trainers. The bowler also has two woods instead of four.

Like all forms of bowls crown green is very competitive and fitter bowlers have more chance making it game for the young.

Dorstone club committee are looking forward to bowling again after Easter. To learn more telephone 01981 590691 or email: