THE Hereford team have practised their penalties ahead of their FA Trophy semi-final against Woking tomorrow.

Bulls manager Josh Gowling says his side have taken penalties in training with the losers having to wear 'dodgy shirts'.

"You have to make sure you're prepared for everything," said Gowling.

"Fortunately enough the Aldershot game we do youngs v olds at the end of training sessions.

"A couple of them ended a draw so it went to penalties. There was a lot riding on it as the losers get the dodgy shirts for the week and have to do all the kit.

"So that's probably the biggest pressure moment the lads have been in including the penalties at Aldershot because they don't want that shirt.

"We worked on them and obviously we've worked on them going into this game as well."


While Hereford have been without a game since their quarter-final win over Aldershot their opponents Woking have continued league action.

"For us during this period when we've stopped playing and others are still playing is how can we replicate match situations and how do we keep it as real as possible and that's what we've tried to do during this period," added Gowling.