HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling says his side will feed off the positive energy from fans ahead of Saturday's FA Trophy clash with Woking.

Government restrictions prevent fans physically attending the game.

But Gowling says his side will feed off the positive energy of fans ahead of the tie.

“The big thing for us is those positive thoughts,” said Bulls manager Josh Gowling.

“We will go on and put a shift in right until the end.

“Enjoy the game, be positive, we will feed off that positive energy.

“Although they (fans) are not in the stadium positivity goes a long way.

“Get on the television stream (on the Bulls website), watch us, support us, push us on and cheer us in your home.

“Hopefully we can do it for them. I know it’s an opportunity that hasn’t come around that often to be in the semi-final of the competition and it would be amazing if they (fans) were there.

“It would have made a difference if they were there as we saw this season we had a wobble at the start but getting fans in the stadium re-focused us and made us go on that run we’ve been on.

“That was the big turning point of the season."

To prepare for the game the clubs is selling semi-final souvenirs including a limited-edition scarf, virtual match ticket and souvenir match programme on their website HERE.