AMERICAN football team Hereford Stampede are looking for a new home in the city ahead returning to action.

After forming in 2015 the Stampede have impressed during their short history while playing from Hereford Racecourse.

Now they are looking for a new home as the opportunity to play sport again quickly approaches.

Stephen Hall, club chairman said: "We're talking to a lot of people but it's a slow process at the moment.

"Legally we are allowed to return with the rest of outdoor sport and we are hoping to hold our first session on Easter Sunday.

"Everybody wants to play but we haven't got anywhere to play.

"We just need the basic stuff, parking, changing rooms and a grass pitch that we can mark out, but we don't even need all that for training.

"Ideally we are looking for somewhere long term with all the facilities we need and somewhere to store our container of kit."

In their last season before the pandemic hit the side earned their 'associate status' after showing they had the ability and facilities to join the British American Football League.

The club have a men's and women's team with a total of 75 members.

They are due to start training during April with the hope of a 'condensed and semi-competitive' league starting towards the end of June.

Hereford Stampede will be led by this season by new head coach Eddie Dobson.

Dobson has a wealth of experience and was previously head coach with Gloucester Centurions.

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