HEREFORD FC have voted to 'null and void' the National League North season.

The club has also voted in favour of the resolution that National League North and South clubs should vote separately on the future of the season to National League sides.

"Whilst we are very grateful for the grant funding from the National Lottery for the months October, November and December we were initially informed that grant funding would be in place for the season, if fans were not allowed into Edgar Street," said the club in a statement.

"We budgeted sensibly for the season on that basis, as guided by the league, and accepted the grants with the expectation they would be extended after three months, rather than changing to loans."

Chairman, Rob Crawford told the club's official website: “The board has worked hard over the past year to get the clubs’ finances into a better position and we do not want to return to the days that risked the clubs’ existence.

"If we had known at the start of the season that we would have been faced with this situation only three months in then we could have made a different decision on whether to start the league at all.”

The Bulls have only played 12 of their 42 league games and if forced to continue would be left without a loan or grant for the remainder of the season.

Crawford added: “While the overwhelming desire of the board was to complete the season given the efforts and sacrifices of our players, management, staff, volunteers and fans, it is with regret we no longer believe this is possible without the grants that Clubs were assured would be in place until it was safe for crowds to return.

“We fully recognise the disappointment our fans will feel that the club has been forced to take these steps.

"We share that disappointment but the board must consider the long-term financial impact of what everyone recognises as very unprecedented times, and we would rightly be criticised if we did not. "These are not decisions taken lightly and although hugely disappointing, the board and I believe we have acted in the best interests of the club, given the existing uncertainties.

"We very much hope that the wider issues will be resolved quickly and in such a way as to work in the club’s favour.

"This has been an extremely difficult decision but one that has been taken solely to ensure the continuation of the club our supporters have worked so hard to build since 2015.

“As the custodians of the football club, we must act responsibly to safeguard its future and ending the season is the only certain way to do this given the options available to us and will help us recover from the unprecedented financial challenges of the past 12 months.”

“There remains a high level of uncertainty about COVID-19 and its impact on football at all levels, and it is on the basis of that uncertainty that we have reached this decision. Whilst we are prepared to continue playing, as we wait for the outcome of the vote to determine whether or not the season will continue, we fully appreciate that other clubs may not be in a position to do the same and wish them well during these difficult times.

“Finally, we wish to thank our loyal fans for their outstanding and unwavering support during what has been an exceptionally difficult period.”