BRADFORD (Park Avenue) have said that they will not fulfil their game against Hereford on Saturday.

The two are meant to meet for their National League North fixture.

National League clubs are currently voting on whether to continue the season or cancel fixtures and class it as 'null and void'.

A statement on the Hereford website said: "Last week Bradford announced that they would not be fulfilling any National League North fixtures ‘until the votes are all in and counted and final decision on the season continuing has been made.’

"With a decision on the continuation of the season still outstanding, Bradford have confirmed that they will not fulfil Saturday’s fixture.

"Whilst we are prepared to continue playing as we wait for the outcome of the vote to determine whether or not the season will continue, we fully appreciate that other clubs may not be in a position to do the same.

"We understand and respect Bradford’s decision not to play and wish them well during these difficult times."