HEREFORD chairman Rob Crawford said the club have resolved the issues with contracts of nine players at the club.

The FA launched an investigation into the contracts last week which chairman Crawford said had been resolved with Lenell John-Lewis and the other eight players.

Hereford have said that following an internal investigation they have identified issues with the contracts of nine players, including that of Lenell John-Lewis.   

In a statement the Bulls chairman said: “The situation first came to light mid-January when Lenell (John-Lewis) brought it to our attention whereby we immediately launched an internal investigation.  

“We can confirm that the contract lodged with the FA at the start of the season did not match the contract that Lenell signed.

“Our internal investigation identified that the same issue applied to the eight other player contracts. 

“Our internal investigation identified that the same issue applied to the other eight player contracts.”  

Crawford said that the club has held talks with the players concerned and they have all agreed to the amendments requested by the FA and have signed accordingly. 

“As we have said previously, we thank them for their commitment to the club,” Crawford added 

“We are appalled by these events and cannot defend these actions. These types of practices will not be tolerated and we will not hesitate to make difficult decisions to ensure this behaviour is dealt with swiftly. 

“We have submitted our report to the FA and await their response. We hope that this unpleasant episode will come to a conclusion soon and we can all move on”.