HEREFORD FC has said they will not be eligible for a grant or loan if the season is to continue.

National League clubs are due to decide if the season is to continue with grant and loans offered to clubs to enable them to complete the season.

However, the Bulls have stated that following a meeting on Friday between the National League, clubs and Sports England outlining the Winter Survival Package, Hereford would not be eligible for a grant.


A statement on the club's website said: "Grants will only be available for those clubs that are under extreme financial pressure and it is doubtful that we would be able to access a loan as these will be based on need.

"Compared to most clubs Hereford FC has a healthy bank balance which the Government requires organisations to use up first before receiving loans, at preferential rates, from the public purse.

"Unfortunately, this is all that is on offer to clubs at this time so we are left little choice but to work with it."

The Bulls have said that they would be able to complete the season but it would leave them in a 'very tight situation' for next season.

The statement added: "Should the season continue, Hereford FC, at the current financial burn rate, would be able to complete it, but it would leave us in a very tight situation going into next season.

"In order to meet our core objective of remaining financially sustainable; we would expect our budgets to have to be adjusted accordingly for next season.

"There are options open and under consideration for us that could allow us to retain more of our cash, going forward, which we will look to employ if the circumstances dictate.

"However, due to the continuous generosity of fans, sponsors and the hard work of many, rest assured that Hereford FC will be playing in the National League next season.

"We will provide further updates as we know them."