Lyonshall Bridge Club Online (December 29): 1. Barbara Johnson & Daniel Pearce-Higgins 64.4%; 2. Sue Enfield & Shan Smith 64.0; 3. Caroline Weymouth & Cary Goode 58.3.

January 5: 1. Kay & Tony Taylor 66.5%; 2. Caroline Weymouth & Joy Powell 64.8; 3. Peter Smith & Vivienne Richards 62.0; 4. Margaret Edwards & Sue Williams 60.9.

Herefordshire Clubs Online Pairs (January 7): 1. Peter Watts & Keith Stait 65.48%; 2. Linda Blunt & Owen Evans 64.68; 3. Richard Croot & Chris Chowney 60.32; 4. David Watkins & Mike Ralph 59.92

The Village People BC

The league reconvened on January 7 after the festive break.

There were 16 pairs competing in three divisions.

The Liver Birds aka Isobel Bird and Elizabeth Jones had an outstanding evening taking the top spot.

They ably demonstrating what diligence and application to the game can achieve as they beat the erstwhile champions Liz Drew and Adrian Lunt into second place .

Simon Evans and Peter Quick suffered the curse of the Top Gun, having won the league for the first time in the last match of 2020, by crashing out of the villagers "Aces league" together with Gill Boase and Dorothy Johnson.

Brian Organ and Helen Earley took the top spot in the "Jacks division".