A VETERAN judo fighter who was won European and World Championship medals for his age category was presented an early present before Christmas with his sixth dan black belt.

To make the occasion even more special Stan Cantrill received the belt from his lifetime friend Neil Adams MBE.

It started with a text message asking me if I would like to pick up my sixth dan belt from Fighting Films," said Stan.

"Being retired, on holiday, and in lockdown, then I said it would be okay, so it was agreed.

"I duly arrived all masked up and got changed into my Gi only to be told that someone had agreed to present me with my belt I thought it was just going to be Toby and Ian Evans.

"Unbeknown to me, Neil Adams MBE was filming on behalf of the International Judo Federation.

"So all the crew of Fighting Films stopped what they were doing and arranged for Neil to present me with my belt.

"It certainly made a great end to what has otherwise been an interesting year.

"It has been awful with no training, no competitions, no coaching or refereeing."