HEREFORD midfielder Kyle Finn said a more direct tactic in the second half was key as Hereford saw off Nantwich Town 1-0 in the FA Trophy third round.

The 22-year-old, former Coventry City midfielder, played an attacking role in the victory cutting a ball back for Lenell John-Lewis to net the games’ only goal.

“It shows how far we’ve come as a team,” said Finn talking to Keith Hall.

“We’ve had a couple of games where maybe last season we would have crumbled, gone under and let them into it.

“Everybody sticks together and gone on and won. It shows we can do both sides of the game now so it’s a big improvement.

“We were controlling the game in the first half but feeling like we weren’t getting anywhere with it. So we said lets try and be more direct, get the ball into Lenell (John-Lewis) and see what he can do.

“It’s worked for us in the second half to go a bit more direct. We changed our game and sort of played how they wanted to play but better than what they did.

Finn could have made the win more comfortable for Hereford but his curling effort was picked out of the top corner by goalkeeper Greg Hall.

“If we had got a second goal I think we would have gone on to win heavily,” added Finn.

“I have had a few this season where I’ve cut in and the goalkeeper has pulled off a good save. I’m loving it as I’m able to express myself, get on the ball, do what I want to do as well and get other players into the game.

“The manager has given me and everybody else an opportunity to express themselves in the game and it’s paying off now.

“We’ve got a front three that are starting to score goals and link up. We are scoring goals where as at other times we haven’t been.”

Finn added that working with the experienced players in the squad helps the younger members to express themselves more.

“The manager is encouraging us to get around Lenell (John-Lewis) more as well,” added Finn.

“The more me and Tom (Owen-Evans) get around Lenell (John-Lewis) it confuses the back four even more and gives the licence for other players to get wide and get crosses in as well.

“We’re getting the ball down and playing, we’re comfortable and we’ve got players who want to get on the ball and play.

“They’re not looking direct all the time. The experience players tell us to relax, let us play and give us confidence.”