HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling is hoping to bring another 'attacking player' into his side after releasing Demetri Brown.

Loanee forward Kelsey Mooney is currently suffering from a hamstring problem leaving just Lenell John-Lewis as a natural striker in the Bulls' side.

Gowling said he is looking to add an additional attacking player and also looking at defensive midfield options.

"We've got a few irons in the fire at the moment and speaking to a few people," said Gowling.

"Hopefully we can get something over the line in the next week or so.

"There's a couple of areas. I think we need a defensive midfielder for one, that's clear to see.

"I think we need another attacking player. At the moment with Kelsey (Mooney) with his hamstring.

"We've got Lenell (John-Lewis), Kyle (Finn) and Tom (Owen-Evans.

"So we need another wide player or centre forward to bring into the team."

Gowling added that the loan market from Football League sides is not currently open to him.

"Looking at loans with the Premier League clubs for example the loan window is shut so young lads can't come out to our level even though we haven't got a transfer window," the Bulls' boss added.

"That's a difficult one."

Earlier this week Gowling released 25-year-old striker Brown who had made just two competitive substitute appearances since arriving in February.

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Gowling said the young striker was released to free up funds.

"Unfortunately we don't have a budget that enables us to add to the squad," added Gowling.

"Demetri has been here now nearly a year in January and he's played 20 minutes of competitive football really.

"We've got to look at it, when we're looking at the squad and where we need to improve, we need funds.

"Unfortunately Demetri falls into that category where he's not playing enough football for us.

"We've given him every opportunity to come and play, it's unfortunate for him.

"People don't like getting injured, they don't come to a football club to get injured. Unfortunately he's spent a big portion of his career here injured.

"Where we are financially we can't afford that so we have to free up those funds to try and get new players in."