HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham says the club are awaiting a decision on what funding is available after it was revealed this week that fans would not return to stadiums in October as hoped.

The Government has this week put a pause on the move to bring fans back to 'elite level' football matches amid a spike in Covid-19 cases.

"There's bound to be an impact and it's very disappointing,"said Graham talking to the club's official website.

"We had mentioned this at the start of the first lockdown, what would happen if there was a second peak and we planned for that eventuality.

"CJP who are owned and run by a Hereford fan have a brilliant pedigree of running events like this (a video streaming service used to show fans the Solihull Moors tie).

"Hopefully as many people as possible will have got onto that tonight.

"But that's not the full solution,we have a lot of other plans in place should we have to play behind closed doors.

"Is it a sustainable option? Not at this moment in time. The National League, the FA and the Government are looking at options for us at our level as to how we might be funded and we're hoping for grants.

"Until they make that decision on Thursday morning we believe, we won't know any further.

"But the fans will know as soon as we're aware."

Graham has applauded the Bulls fans who continue to help the club during this tough time.

"Every time that Hereford faces a dilemma the fans step up," he added.

"They've been brilliant with our initial season ticket push especially when you consider the difficulties everyone is facing and the uncertainty with football as a whole.

"Our fans, our commercial sponsors and of course our volunteers everybody has stepped up to the plate and I can't thank them enough."