THE deadline for Hereford FC to register 16 players for the National League North is next week.

Currently the Bulls have 11 players signed for the coming season including goalkeeper Brandon Hall- who has yet to figure during pre-season.

They also have youngsters Rob Whitlock and Toby Raison who have featured heavily during pre-season friendlies. Manager Josh Gowling could also register himself.

When asked if he might register as a player? Gowling said: "We have got to register 16 players by next week so I might have to. “I joined in training on Thursday as we needed an extra body and my body is sore today (Saturday)." The Bulls can still sign players after next week's deadline to register for the National League North.

During Saturday's 2-0 defeat against Weston-Super-Mare the Bulls named 13 trialists. "We know we've got a lot of work to do and we're not a Boston (United) who have got loads of money and can just go and pick the best players," said Gowling. “We have to look at trialists and players who don’t have clubs and can come and prove themselves at the club. "That’s where we’re at as a football club at the moment. “I’m happy with the lads that we’ve brought in, apart from them being injured, I’m happy with what we’ve got and we will get more. “We need more players in of course and we will get that. "We have got some trialists who have been here since day one and there's more than a couple that have come in during the last couple of weeks.

"There's a couple I've been impressed with and we'll look at doing something with and a couple that will move on.

"That's the nature of being a trialist, it's difficult going into a football club as a trialist not knowing the environment and having to impress. ”But we don’t have time so if lads come in then they’ve got to hit the ground running." When asked if there were players outside the current squad of trialists that could come in late to the club? Gowling added: “We’ve got a couple that we’re looking at and I think season ticket sales have helped and hopefully I can get some of that money. “We’ve had options from the start really but it comes down to whether lads want to come down to this level. Do they want to wait for a National League club or wait for a Football League club? “Obviously the Football League started today so those lads will start filtering down so you’d like to think we’ll pick up a couple more in the next few weeks. “We’ve just got to keep pushing, look at other options which will hopefully fall within our budget and push on." Gowling has been impressed with young academy graduate Raison who has already captained the side during pre-season. “I’ve spoken about Toby a lot and I feel the player he is now to what he was pre-lockdown is chalk and cheese," added Gowling. “He has gone away, worked hard, studied, he’s always asking questions especially to the older professionals and he’s a different player. “I’m really impressed with his attitude.

"Young lads now a days don’t always necessarily have the best attitudes, obviously some do of course. “Toby is definitely an exception.

"He’s knocking on my door constantly asking when he could come in for pre-season and he’s been brilliant. “Even today he came on up front, he doesn’t care he just wants to play football and he’s a real credit to the football club."