WELLINGTON are set to miss out on at least two lucrative paydays if supporters continue to be banned from attending non-league football matches due to Government guidelines.

The village side will miss out on important gate revenue when they host Worcester City on August 22 and then Hereford FC the following Tuesday.

Both games are due to be played behind closed doors with only essential staff and players allowed inside the ground due to the Government's Covid-19 guidelines.

Non-league clubs have been surviving without gate receipts from attendances since football was halted in March

Wellington chairman Phil Smith says while the football club is financially okay the gate money from these two lucrative friendly matches would usually set the club up for the season

Smith said: "Behind closed doors means no people, no revenue and no way of generating cash.

"Everybody wants to play somebody a little higher graded and the games will be a good test for us.

"It's brilliant that we've struck up a good relationship with Hereford and Worcester City who came here last year and had a really good time.

"They come here and play on a good pitch and the players like it."

Smith said that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the club has also had to cancel their fundraising golf day and a charity duck race.

"I'm not pleading poverty and we are okay to run, but we've still got bills to pay including ground rent and utility bills," Smith added.

"Some clubs are going to stop if we start playing without people paying to come in or generate cash, it's simple facts."

A national petition has been launched on Twitter with the hashtag #LetFansIn asking the Government to change their guidelines and allow fans back into non-league grounds.

Westfields, Hereford Lads Club and Hereford Pegasus have all started their home pre-season matches behind closed doors and lost out on important revenue.

"We have got acres for people to park in and space to get people into the ground safely," Smith added.

"It also brings people into the village, the social club and the shop, but we won't see any of that extra revenue."

Westfields and Wellington will find out who they have drawn in the FA Cup preliminary rounds on Tuesday, with matches due to be played on September 1.

"The draw could be a lucrative home one but if we can't have spectators in then that would be an opportunity missed," added Smith.

Hereford FC will start their pre-season matches at Wellington on August 25 before heading to Weston-super-Mare on Saturday, September 12.