HALO Leisure says that it is not economically possible for them to open their swimming pools this month.

Swimming pools in Ledbury, Leominster and Ross were due to open this month.

However, the reopening has been put back due to the economic pressure of running at a reduced capacity complying with Covid-19 guidelines.

A statement from Halo Leisure said: "Now we have our gyms and group exercise classes open we are working hard to find a solution to the financial challenge of reopening our swimming pools across Herefordshire.

"The reality of operating with significantly reduced capacity, to support social distancing, which in turn results in a significant reduction in income means it is not economically possible for us to reopen this month as we had planned.

"We are still hopeful that some form of financial support package will be forthcoming from the Government to support essential community facilities such as ours in reopening and to this end we continue to lobby on behalf of the entire sector."

Halo Leisure state that they are reviewing the situation on a weekly basis and are hopeful for a solution that allows them to open in September.

"As a social enterprise and registered charity we hope we can continue to count on your support and understanding during this difficult period," they added.