HEREFORD FC manager Josh Gowling says that the club are hoping to move training into a more northerly location to reduced travelling costs.

Last season the side trained at Hartpury College, but Gowling said that this would be changing.

"We will be moving north and the theory behind that is that we're in the north (National League North) but we're training in the south," said Gowling while talking to Radio Hereford FC this afternoon.

"I know a lot of our fans won't like it as we're not in Hereford but currently last year we were training in Gloucester, so not in Hereford anyway.

"We were training at night when nobody saw the players anyway so that's one thing. For me I've got to look at the club's sustainability and the simple fact is we paid a lot of money for players last year because of our location, as simple as that.

"We had to pay travel expenses and so many other outgoings because of where we trained. So from my point of view, as a financial point of view from a football club, it makes us more sense to be training more centrally.

"Moving the club into a more central location in the long term will make the club more sustainable.

"For that we can get a better quality player in a better catchment area for less money, that's what it boils down to."

Gowling added that the budget would dictate whether the side trained two or three mornings a week.

He said that the long term goal was to bring the training back to Hereford when the club has progressed.

He added: "The long term vision is to get us into a position where we've got successive promotions and then we can bring it back when the budget is better for Hereford because we can then pay players location money and pay them enough to not work and relocated, live and work in the community.

"That's the long term goal to get players back at Hereford. It's great to see the players shopping in town or in coffee shops or whatever.

"In the short term we don't have the budget to be able to get players to relocate it's as simple as that."

Despite training being moved further up north Gowling said that players would be working in the Hereford community and going into schools and hospitals.

"The fans pay our wages at the end of the day and the lads need to give something back, which they will be doing over the course of the season," added Gowling.