HEREFORD FC have captured the signing of Lenell John-Lewis for the forthcoming season.

John-Lewis initially arrived at Edgar Street in February and made an immediate impact under manager Josh Gowling.

He arrived following a two-and-a-half years spell at Shrewsbury Town, making 51 appearances.

Previous clubs include Lincoln City, Bury, Grimsby Town (23 goals in 92 appearances) and Newport County.

John-Lewis said that his short spell at Edgar Street under manager Gowling last season allowed him to enjoy playing football again and bred his confidence.

Speaking after signing at Edgar Street for the forthcoming season, he said: "It's nice to see a football pitch, not a park pitch, but to be in a stadium.
"Knowing that I hadn't played a lot of football in the last year or so Josh has just bred confidence in me and told me to come down and play and show me what I can do.

"That was always the main attraction, once I got my feet on the ground it felt like I was back to pretty much my old self scoring goals, that was a big factor (in signing).

"I was just feeling confident, getting back playing football and enjoying it. To me that's one of the most important things is enjoying it and he's allowed me to do that."

The 31-year-old striker scored three goals in six games, including two in a 4-1 victory at York City.

Speaking about dropping down to the National League North, he said: "I found it a little bit more physical, you have less time on the ball and like any football you have to work hard.

"There's not too much difference to be honest. There are still quality players down there, willing to shine and show what they can do.

When asked if he was frustrated by the lockdown after finding his scoring form before football was halted?

John-Lewis added: "Yes, but you take one frustration and just move on and there will be another one around the corner I suppose.

"It is what it is, you've just got to take it as it is. I'll hopefully take that form into whenever we do start playing football again."

John-Lewis added that his two children, aged five and two, had kept him busy during the lockdown period.

With the Bulls looking to move training to morning sessions this season, John-Lewis said it would allow the manager more time to work on his ideas.

"It's going to be good for me, training in the mornings I prefer that," added John-Lewis.

"Getting up, ready and out there. Playing football is playing football and the evening sessions (last season) just took me back to when I was younger playing five-a-side football under the lights.

"I prefer night-time games anyway, as you can tell from the York game.

"There is only so much time (during evening sessions), I know when I came in Josh (Gowling) wanted to impose his ideas and what he wanted to do.

"On a couple of nights time was running out because it's a short time and it was getting late and lads have to go home.

"The mornings will definitely benefit us for sure. It suits me, it's what I know and not just for me but for everyone it will breed us more of a professionalism the way it will be structured."