HEREFORD FC manager Josh Gowling has confirmed that club will be changing their training times and venue ahead of the new season.

The new manager wants his side to train during the daytime as they prepare for a sustainable future.

Hereford have previously trained in the evenings on the 3G surface at Hartpury College near Gloucester since 2015 in a bid to reduce travelling costs for players.

Where the Bulls will now train and how many times a week is still to be confirmed and is dependant on the budget available.

"We are working for what's best for the club and it's stability," said Gowling.

"Training at our previous base in Gloucester isn't really conducive moving forward so we have decided to move our training base.

"We are looking at a couple of locations at the moment but which we go for depends on our budget.

"We are also changing our training times as night-time isn't the best for players' recovery for a start.

"Also players coming on loan or down from high divisions, the transition to night-time training can be a bit too much of a jump for certain players.

"I feel that training in the morning is a better option for us and will help with that transition.

"I would like to go into mornings and get the right facility. Hartpury is an amazing facility but not training on grass doesn't help.

"We were training on 3G during the week and then playing matches on grass, so that's something I would like to change.

"I want to do things my way and the board have been supporting me with that."

Several other sides in the National League North train during the daytime including Chester who implemented a 'hybrid model' which saw them move from two evening training sessions a week to four sessions.

Gowling says his budget will dictate how many times the team train each week.

"The budget will decide if we train three or four times a week or full-time," added Gowling.

"The lads might need to work so many days or whether we can train more."

This week it has been confirmed that Jordan Cullinane-Liburd has left the club joining Kieran Thomas, Brad Ash and Rhys Davies in departing this summer.

Gowling hopes that a retained list will be released in the 'next week or so'.

"We will be releasing a retained list and I'm speaking to the club about that," added Gowling.

"I've spoken to the players we would like to keep so the list will be out pretty soon. I know the fans are eager to know so we will try and get that out."