HEREFORD United Supporters’ Trust (HUST) feel that they were not ‘fully represented’ in the decision not to run the HFC Academy sides next season.

The supporters’ trust said that two of their nominated directors were absent from the board meeting and they would have welcomed an opportunity to review the decision.

Earlier this week Hereford FC said they would not run their Academy and women’s sides next season.


A statement on the supporters’ trust website said: “HUST is disappointed and saddened to hear that the HFC Academy is being closed.

“A lot of hard work went into its formation and parents, players and coaches reported that they were delighted to participate in it.

“Whilst the Academy is possibly a casualty of measures to ensure the club still exists beyond the Coronavirus emergency, HUST has not had two of its nominated directors present in the boardroom that made this decision, and thus our voice, on behalf of all fans,  was not fully represented. An opportunity to review this matter would have been welcomed.”

HUST also said that they have been getting reports that not all Academy participants were advised of the closure prior to the club’s statement being made publicly online.

“This is not conducive to harmony within the club,” the HUST statement added.

“These people are also supporters of the club and it needs all its supporters to stay with it. We urge the club to learn from this situation and apologise to those affected. We hope that all parents who have been continuing to contribute fees, throughout the lockdown, will be reimbursed.”