LEOMINSTER Golf Club have appointed Andrew Merrick as captain for the coming year.

Since joining the club in 1996 Merrick has been playing weekends and Wednesday club nights and meeting lots of friendly faces on the way.

Merrick has represented and captained Leominster GC in several of the team competitions, handicap league, scratch league and the Winter Hargrove Trophy.

He has also played in many friendly matches, but says that nothing matches the honour of being asked to be club captain.

Merrick thanks last year’s captain Ronnie Painter, for asking him to be his vice captain.

He mentions that his vice captain is Paul Hitchings.

Painter's year did not end well with all the poor weather and floods, and Merrick's year has not started well amid the coronavirus but hopes things will get better.

"Most of all, when we start to play, enjoy your golf," said Merrick.

"In the meantime stay safe."