TITLES were won as the Herefordshire Cross Country Championships were concluded the day before the country went into lockdown.

The junior races for those aged under-15 concluded the championships on a Hereford Racecourse circuit.

A total of 10 junior races were held with distances from 1,000 metres to 3,500 metres.

The closest race of the day was the under-10 boys where Barney Stephenson beat fellow Burghill Primary School team-mate Cameron Fraser by a single second.

Burghill PS were the most successful school overall across the age groups with two first places and two second places.

Earlier in the season the senior championships were held with Hereford Couriers runners Matt James and Katie Synge-Curtis winning the men's and women's races respectively.

Jasper Robinson (Croft Ambrey RC) won the junior men's crown while Christian James (Wye Valley Runners) and Amy Smith (Hereford Couriers) won the veteran men's and women's categories.

Full results: Under-nine girls (1,000m): 1. Mali Rees (Sutton PS) 4 minutes 15 seconds; 2. Eva Durant (Hereford & County AC) 4.25; Fearn Middleton (Hereford & County AC).

Under-nine boys (1,000m): 1, Jacob Denslow (Burghill PS) 4 minutes 5 seconds; 2. Charlie Hopkins (Scudamore PS) 4.17; 3. Henry Cobb (Hereford Cathedral School) 4.17.

Under-10 girls (1,000m): 1. Lucy Tetley (Holmer PS) 4 minutes 12; 2. Lucy Ancell (Burghill PS) 4.23; 3. Scarlett Owen (Scudamore PS) 4.29.

Under-10 boys (1,000m): 1. Barney Stephenson (Burghill PS) 3 minutes 45 seconds; 2. Cameron Forker (Burghill PS) 3.46; 3. Will Evans (Lucton PS) 3.57.

Under-11 girls (1,000m): 1. Mylie Jordan (Hampton Dene PS) 4 minutes nine seconds; 2. Esther Walker (Hampton Dene PS) 4.16; 3. Charlotte Kearney (Burghill PS) 4.17.

Under-11 boys (1,000m): 1. Matthew Mannion (Hereford & County AC) 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2. Oliver Wilson (Stoke Prior PS) 3.51; 3. James Powell (Sutton PS) 3.53.

Under-13 girls (2,500m): 1. Hannah Wilson (Lucton) 9 minutes 4 seconds; 2. Hap Rees (St Mary's HS) 10.08; 3. Maggie Valbuena (Weobley HS) 10.10.

Under-13 boys (2,500m): Henry White (Hereford) 7 minutes 30 seconds; 2. William Redway-Thomas (Whitecross HS) 8.16; 3. Cai Rees (St Mary's HS) 8.26.

Under-15 girls (3,500m): 1. Eva Tyler (Hereford & County AC) 15 minutes 12 seconds; 2. Elizabeth Williams (Fairfield HS) 16.22.

Under 15 boys (3,500m): 1. Jack Edwards (Croft Ambrey RC) 14 minutes 38 seconds; 2. Finlay Nicholson (Kingstone HS) 16.15.

Senior results from earlier in the season: Senior men- Matt James (Hereford Couriers); Veteran men- Christian James (Wye Valley Runners); Junior men- Jasper Robinson (Croft Ambrey RC); Senior women- Katie Synge-Curtis (Hereford Couriers); Veteran women- Amy Smith (Hereford Couriers).