HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham says that everybody's requirements have to be met when appointing the next permanent manager of the football club.

Josh Gowling finished the season as the Bulls' caretaker boss with his side winning two, drawing four and losing three of his nine league matches at the helm.

"There are a lot of discussions with the board across a number of topics," said Graham.

"We need to make sure that we have the right people in to take us forward.

"Josh (Gowling) has been brilliant for the club and continues to be brilliant building up a relationship with the fans.

"He, I and the board are all aware that everything has to meet. His requirements, our requirements and the budget all has to meet."

With uncertainty over the start of next season the Bulls state that they are working towards their own timetable.

Graham says that he feels it is insensitive to be talking about football returning next season during the current climate but says the club will be ready for when it does.

"There is a lot of talk in football about when the league and our level will start again," added Graham.

"To be honest the question is bandied around quite a lot and I understand the passion football fans who want normality, but I find it a bit crass.

"There are still football fans and NHS workers on the frontline, people are being infected and families are being torn apart by the hundreds of deaths.

"Talking about a return feels insensitive for me. We have to ensure there is football to return to and there is a football club for supporters.

"I have seen other clubs put plans out of what they are doing but some need to get a sense of perspective and reality.

"Our club will survive and we are working hard to maintain the club. We have a lot more overheads than other clubs at this level but we will make sure the club will be there.

"We can't be pushed by other people or their timetables. We have to do what is right for Hereford.

"Everything is up in the air and what we have to do is be prepared for when football does return.

"There are things to put in place, we can't play football without a team so we have to look after the footballing side.

"At the moment we can't have hundreds of people in a confined space like Edgar Street.

"We will follow the guidelines and make sure everybody is safe."