A LADIES hockey team which went all season without defeat has rightly secured promotion despite the season finishing with a handful of games left to play.

The South Wales Division One season was decided on a percentage points basis, leaving Kington firmly at the top of the league with a 95% score.

Almost 25% ahead of second-placed side Rhondda Ladies 1, Kington's record equates to 40 points out of a possible 42, with 13 wins and one draw.

The club, headed by captain Rachel Venables, will now be crowned champions of their division and promoted to South Wales Premier Two.

"It is a relief but it's a bit disappointing we never got to finish the season in full," she said.

"It's an amazing achievement, the girls put so much effort into the season. We only dropped two points through the whole season which is a phenomenal record.

"The last two seasons we've come pretty close, we've finished fourth last season and the season before we finished sixth, so we've been working our way to the top. It was in our minds to be pushing for promotion this season.

"If it (the season) got null and voided it would've been heartbreaking, we were really grateful it went our way, it was the fairest way possible.

"We know where we stand now and we are doing our home training plans to keep our fitness up.

When asked about next season, Venables said: "We're ready for the challenge. We aim to be better, big and better every year, and it's proving true."

The club added support from the local community contributed towards their success and as they head up another league, are always on the lookout for new players to join the club.