DESPITE the decision to null and void many leagues across the country 'common sense' prevailed in the Midwest Counties Female Football League resulting in Lads Club being awarded the title.

The side ran by Clive Powis and Marcus Jenkins sat top of the league with 13 wins and two draws from their 15 league matches, with just three to play.

They sat 10 points above second placed Hereford FC, who had two games in hand, and the sides were due to meet in the final game of the season.

"Like most of the us with the FA decision to expunge grassroots leagues we thought our season was over," said Lads Club chairman Jenkins.

"But our league's committee looked at the results. Based on our record and that we had played over 75 per cent of games using different formulas we were odds on to win the league so they concluded to give us the league.

"It's nice of them to try and put a positive spin on the season. Before Christmas we were unstoppable and won 10 games in a row, since then we have had a few injuries.

"To be fair we deserved to win the league. Common sense has to prevail and the league put common sense in to place looking at the results and it would have been unfair to take it away from us."

It was the second time in three years that Lads Club Ladies have lifted the crown and they will be hoping to retain their title next season.

Jenkins says that enjoying the game is the main thing for his side and they don't want the extra travelling and commitment involved in playing at a higher level.

"Previously other teams have applied for promotion from our league and their teams have fallen apart," added Jenkins.

"Our ladies enjoy playing and if we applied for promotion you have to look at it from a different angle.

"You would have to train twice a week and there would be more travelling involved. "The ladies who play in our league are working, have families and other commitments. They can't commit to that level and it would be a step backwards for us.

"Our women enjoy playing football and they love it whether they win or not."

Despite being beaten to the title Hereford FC Women will be hoping for revenge when the sides meet in the HFA Women's County Cup final.

It is hoped the game will go ahead when the coronavirus epidemic is over.

"It would be nice, if possible, to play that game in pre-season as it's a great fixture," added Jenkins.

"It's all about promoting women's football in Herefordshire and to have the two top sides play each other is good."