HEREFORD United Supporters' Trust (HUST) have hit back at comments made by Bulls' chairman Andrew Graham.

Earlier today Graham asked for factions of the club to unite and voiced his frustration of the politics that he said had previously 'burdened' the Bulls

The HUST directors say they are dismayed by the comments made in the article.

A statement from the HUST directors said: "We are disappointed that Andrew, a HUST nominated director feels it necessary to take this action so publicly against the organisation that has given him the privilege of being on the Hereford FC (HFC) board when there is a facility in place for him to report back to HUST board, that he has to date not utilised, despite several requests from the HUST board.

To describe HUST as a faction, and to imply that it acts, in any way, against the best interests of the club, is not the case.

To publicly announce that HUST will not operate the 50/50 draw next season, before HUST has been officially informed of the decision, is unacceptable.

"In fact, HUST has received no official documentation on any of the HFC board's decisions in the current year.

"To suggest that HUST has, in some way, any political aspirations, apart from being a fully inclusive body in HFC, is decidedly untrue.

"The HUST board has categorically never discussed the removal of any HND, other than putting a mechanism in place in 2017 for that to happen if necessary.

"There is a resolution on the table to request the HND's to attend a board meeting, but this has been shelved due to the Covid-19 conditions.

"The chairman points out, correctly, that there are three HUST nominated directors, of which he is one.

"Joanie Roberts was nominated, after due process, as a replacement for a resigned director, on February 20​.

"Currently, she has not been admitted to the board of HFC.

"The articles of HFC only specify that the HFC board agree to the nomination.

"There have been many opportunities for that to happen since the nomination.

"Furthermore, Tony Taylor, nominated in 2016 and re-nominated last year, has currently been excluded by the HFC board from all of its activities for reporting back to the HUST board, the voting pattern of his fellow HND, a report that he was obliged to make as part of his role.

"Under the articles, the directors of HFC do not have the power to exclude or remove one of their own.

"Only the shareholders who nominated that director, or an emergency general meeting of the club, have that jurisdiction. "Neither do they have the power to suspend a director.

"The article is divisive and can only have the effect of factionalising the club, a situation that HUST does not recognise as existing.

"We implore Andrew, and his fellow directors, to come together with HUST, to sort out any issues that HFC perceives to be an obstacle between us.

"HUST re-affirms that its desire to be a fully co-operative and inclusive organization remains."