HEREFORD Pegasus and Westfields are amongst those clubs who want their objections heard by the FA against a decision to 'expunge results' for the current season with no promotion or relegation.

The FA full council are due to meet today (Thursday) to ratify the decision and both sides are asking for the FA to re-consider.

Both sides think that final league positions should be worked out by a points per game calculation and have given their views to Herefordshire representative on the FA board Paul Tompkins.

Hereford Pegasus chief executive Kevin Bishop thinks that the FA should stick to their usual formula to decide the outcome of this season.

"The FA have got a formula in place which they have used every season when there are too many promoted teams for places," said Bishop.

"Why haven't they used the same formula? The clubs haven't voted for this, it's just the officers at the FA who have decided.

"We knew the FA were considering what to do, but to expunge all the results and put the restructuring back in nonsense.

"It's a strange one that the FA officers made the decision without consulting with the FA full council to formally ratify the decision.

"You would have thought they would have put it before the FA members in the first instance.

"Announcing it this way has allowed us to build a case against the decision with other clubs and contact the county representative.

"This is a wrong decision and we would urge the FA to use the normal formula and not let all the work of volunteers go to waste."

When the season came to an abrupt halt Hereford Pegasus sat in second place in the Hellenic Division One West with 52 points from 24 games, with six games to play.

The top four teams were supposed to be promoted from the division this season.

"Our aim at the start of the season was promotion and we were confident of securing a promotion place," added Bishop.

Westfields chief executive Andy Morris is also urging the FA to reconsider its decision to void the 2019/20 season.

Morris says the decision to curtail the season is the correct one amid the coronavirus outbreak but also wants the points per game calculation to work out promotion and relegation spots.

"Phil Glover and his management team have put an awful lot of effort into this season to be 13 points clear at the top of the Hellenic League," added Morris.

"We have put finances in so we meet the ground grading for the next level and have recovered from the flooding thanks to the support of various people.

"We feel we are indebted to a lot of people who have supported us to maintain our position for promotion.

"All we are asking for is a fair outcome if they are going to end the season, which we have no problem with.

"They have still got to consider promotion and relegation even at this level of football.

"We owe it to all of our sponsors and supporters."

Westfields have gone the league season unbeaten with 20 wins from 26 games.

He says the club owe it to everybody involved to maintain their position that they should be promoted.