HEREFORD FC are working with the Hereford United Supporters Trust to raise funds to help the club through and following the coronavirus.

The club’s board of directors met last night to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

A statement on the club’s website said: “In times of crisis, such as this, we need to prioritise and ensure that above all, we consider the welfare, health, and wellbeing of our supporters, staff, volunteers, players, customers & sponsors. We must also give special consideration to our vulnerable supporters, whether by age, illness or ailment.

“Our participation in sporting activity will be suspended with immediate effect. Training at all levels, including Academy and group activities will be suspended in line with the suspension of all National League competitions and will remain in place at least until April 3, when they will then be subject to review.

“On the back of a disappointing season, until recently, we will, without a doubt feel the pinch financially and have held several meetings to discuss action to address this. We will be reviewing our position daily, as no doubt, at our level, there will be many financial casualties caused by this – we do not intend to be one of them!

"We would urge supporters to engage in any future initiatives aimed at generating funds and helping to ensure that we remain in a competitive position to end this season and start the next. HUST are working with the Club to continue their purchasing of shares and any donations made will greatly assist –"

The club office is due to run on skeloton staff and will not be open to the public