HEREFORD interim manager Josh Gowling labelled the Kettering pitch ‘a disgrace’ following Hereford’s 0-0 draw on Tuesday night.

The Bulls struggled to play passing football on the Latimer Park pitch which had passed a pitch inspection earlier in the day.

“The pitch is a leveller and I’m a bit annoyed with the pitch if I’m completely honest, it’s a disgrace,” said Gowling.

“For this level of football, I don’t know they play on it every week to be honest. The lads dug in, were solid and we were well organised and could have nicked it in the end.

“Seven points out of three games away from home is a real plus. We don’t really want to be direct or be long but we had to do that in spells because of the pitch.

“I think the lads were really commendable with their efforts. We’ve had York which is a nice pitch, Farsley which is a bit of a bobbly pitch and this one today.

“We said before the game it didn’t matter about the pitch and the lads have put a good shift in, I’m disappointed not to win the game to be honest.”

Gowling added that Jevan Anderson and Kelsey Mooney were both substituted after feeling their hamstrings.

“That’s what I’m disappointed with today as the pitch is so heavy that you’re going to pick up things like that and these injuries because of this kind of surface,” added Gowling.

“There was a pitch inspection this morning and this afternoon, it’s just not acceptable. You can’t move on it. I walked on it and nearly fell over four times.

“Some areas were hard and some were really soft so it was difficult. Sometimes it was bouncing up and sometimes it was just dying.

“The concentration of the boys was just excellent.”