SPORTS clubs across the county are preparing for a clean up operation after Storm Dennis wreaked havoc with their facilities.

Clubhouses have been damaged and hours of work have been undone as flood water submerged clubs.

Even though Hereford RFC and Westfields have built their facilities on stilts, record flood levels has led to significant damage inside both buildings.

Both sides have junior sides across the age groups playing from their bases in Hereford and thriving senior sides.

Despite their pitch regularly flooding it was the first time that the Westfields clubhouse has flooded.

"The water has dropped and yesterday (Sunday) we couldn't get into the clubhouse as it was lapping up against the building," said Westfields' chief executive Andy Morris.

"When we did get into the building we found it in a horrendous mess and it's something that's never happened to us.

"We knew that the football ground would flood so with the planners we designed a building on stilts above the highest ever reading and we thought it was flood proof.

"It's got to all the kit and storage as well as ruining the carpets in the executive lounge and manager's office.

"We've got to make an insurance claim and I'm sure the club will all rally around with parents of the junior teams and supporters to help.

"The Hellenic League and Herefordshire FA have been so sympathetic and also offered us their help.

"Perhaps there is also a scheme we weren't aware of for flood victims.

"It has put a big dampener on us and is also a psychological blow."

Westfields' scheduled home fixture this weekend against Burnham has been reversed and will now be away.

Meanwhile, Hereford RFC were unable to access their club house on Monday to assess the damage.

It's just the second time in their history that their club house has been flooded.

"We haven't got inside to assess the damage yet but last time the water got in it left us in a mess," said president Spencer Goodall.

"It depends on the electrical goods, but we will know a bit more when we get in and organise a mass clean-up.

"We're very much a volunteer club and haven't got money outside of match fees and membership, that just pays the running costs and not extras.

"It's going to be difficult so we decided to set-up a gofundme page to see if we can raise money.

"We will have a go and stick together to see if we can get it right. I don't think we'll play at home this Saturday which means we would've cancelled two matches in our last four or five.

"We've never had to throw beer away before but have had to do that twice now after cancelling playing.

"Hopefully with the team playing so well local people will get together over a few days and help us clean up.

"Fortunately we're not a residential property and I feel sorry for those in Hereford who have been flooded.

"The clubhouse is four-foot up on stilts and it has flooded once before in the 80s or early 90s.

"That was before we had an extension of the bar and just had the old shed where the changing rooms are now.

"We had the extension built in 1984 so it was before that. It's our 150th anniversary next year and if we can last that long then we can keep it going."

Hereford RFC's gofundme page is available HERE