HEREFORD’S interim manager Josh Gowling said that the 'never say die' attitude in his side sums up his management style.

Two second half injury time goals from substitute striker Kelsey Mooney saw the 10-man Bulls come back from two goals down to clinch a point in a 2-2 draw with Southport.

Speaking about the fightback, Gowling said: “That’s what I’m about and my backroom staff are about, we never say die. Obviously, Jordan (Cullinane-Liburd) has got sent off so we go down to 10 men and then they’ve got a second.

“We haven’t really been opened up to be honest, but you think everything is against the wall. We kept going and going and obviously got back into the game.”

Despite the end result Gowling was ‘disappointed’ with his sides performance.

He added: “The finish was incredible but I’m disappointed as that’s probably the worst that we’ve played out of the three games I’ve been here,” said Gowling.

“We played well in patches and kept the ball well in patches but I think we’re lacking that little bit of confidence at the moment to finish that last pass.

“We’ll get there but it’s just about getting our confidence back up and days like today will go a long way.

Mooney who celebrated his 20th birthday earlier this week came on in the 80th minute and was in the right place to steer home both goals to earn a draw.

Gowling added: “I think he had two touches didn’t he and we said in the changing room at the end that it’s not about the 11 on the pitch but about the squad,

“It’s about us as a unit and Kelsey (Mooney) has come on the got two goals. Rowan (Liburd) has come on and put himself about a bit.

“I think they were worried about Rowan and Lenell (John-Lewis) a bit and Kelsey managed to pop in there and get two goals so it’s brilliant.

 The Bulls were reduced to 10 men in 82nd minute when Jordan Cullinane-Liburd stepped on his opponent off the ball sparking a confrontation between him and Jack Sampson.

Gowling added: “I don’t think it was a stamp but there was a coming together on the floor and he has got up and I don’t know if he’s stepped on him or what I don’t think he’s stamped on him.”

“I can see why the referee has given the red card and I’ve got no complaints about that.

After just two minutes of the tie Kyle Finn was involved in an aerial clash with Zehn Mohammed leading to both players being taken to hospital with head injuries.

“We were worried especially about their lad as he was out cold,” added Gowling.

“(Kyle) Finn is a bit of a pretty boy so I don’t think he’s too happy at the moment he’s got quite a few staples in his head.

“It’s a big gash, but he’s alright and he’s walking around. He’s been to hospital and had some staples but he’s fine now.”