HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham says that the previous management of the football budget does not reflect or deliver ‘sustainable’.

The chairman said that a ‘key driver’ in setting next season’s playing budget will be to ‘minimise the loses’ they face.

Speaking in the club’s matchday programme Graham said: “One factor that has been all too prominent in both Russell Slade’s time at the club, and which has been considered in Josh’s plans, is the budget issue.

“When you look at the club’s ‘vision’ of being a ‘sustainable Football League Club’ one day, it is clear to see that without a doubt, our management of the football budget does not reflect, or deliver, ‘sustainable’.

“Nor will it deliver Football League status without a radical shake-up. This activity continues to take place behind the scenes, from the boardroom and right through the business. Failure is not an option here and there is much still to do.

“I have said this before and I will continue to say it. We need to pull together to reach our desired vision of Football League status and we won’t achieve this without strong foundations, a positive (and accommodating) presence in the community, an infrastructure capable of delivering the quality services  and products expected of a club such as ours, and all realistic and diligent budgeting.

“This season, a realistic budget was set for a play-off push. The use of the budget has failed to deliver, and we suffer the drops in attendances and associated revenues that eat away at our reserves.

“This situation has been an unacceptable one and presents us with an almost ‘perfect storm’ albeit one that is manageable throughout.

“As we look to examine the option for the playing budget in 2020/2021 season, a key driver will be how much we can minimise the losses we face, and how we can call on the support of our community to rally around, come to matches, commit to purchasing a season ticket and believe in what we are trying to achieve- ‘A sustainable Football League club’.

Graham added that there will be news in the coming weeks about the club’s stadium development.

He added: “I will be making more statements over the next few weeks about developments at the club, in the stadium, in our plans for the future and for how we intent to achieve them.”