DRONE technology is helping Hereford Stampede to improve as they prepare for their first season in the British American Football League.

The squad return to training this weekend ahead of their first league game away at Swindon Storm on March 29.

Head coach Paul Kent tested drone technology to help his coaching during a recent rookie session.

Drone footage courtesy of Andrew Chadd: www.andrewchadd.com

He said: "It's not used as much in the British American Football League.

"What was really useful was the virtual reality headset which meant I could see live while the rookies were playing.

"I could see that the players were running in the right places and it will be really useful going forward training with the team.

"We can make sure people are doing the right thing and players can see for themselves afterwards on the video review.

"We would like to use it as much as we can, but the technology isn't cheap and Andrew Chadd who came along is a commercial drone pilot.

"That sort of technology going forward could be used in other live sports like football to see that people are in the right position at the right time."

Three rookie men's sessions have been held recently so newcomers could try their hand at the sport.

"The season is coming up on us quickly now," added Kent.

"We had three rookie sessions and existing members were also welcome to attend.

"We had good sessions with a total of 20 new guys and if we keep half of them it would be a good retention rate.

"Some came to all three sessions, are now signed up and part of the team.

"People are welcome to join us all the time but we ran three specific sessions for like-minded rookies."

Hereford Stampede Ladies are also hoping to join women's competitive action in the near future.

Ladies rookie taster sessions are being held next month to encourage more women into the sport.

They are taking place at Greyhound Rugby Club in Hereford on February 16 and 22 as well as March 1, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm on each date.