HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham says his sides' fans were ‘let down’ by the late pitch postponement at Kettering Town.

Speaking to the club’s official website following the match postponement, Graham said: “As soon as we arrived it was obvious that the pitch was clearly unplayable.

“We are in complete agreement with the match official’s decision to postpone the game.

“We have spoken to officials from Kettering as well as the match officials to express our disappointment at the late decision.

 “Quite a few of our fans had already made it to the ground and many more were well on the way to arriving at Kettering, at considerable expense to themselves.

“It is disappointing that they have been let down by an unacceptable, but totally preventable situation.”

“As a club, we will be making our feelings very clear to the National League and will be looking to recover whatever costs we can for supporters and the club.”