WELLINGTON manager Gary Stevens says that the commitment of his side is key ahead of an away run of fixtures.

Stevens watched as his side put eight goals past basement side New College Swindon at home on Saturday.

Saul Thomas netted five while Sam Pearson scored a brace and Jordan Morris the other.

"It was difficult to maintain the intensity in the game with having so much of the play," said Stevens.

"It wasn't about scoring as many as we could but more about keeping our formation correct and play disciplined football rather than all out attack."

The win leaves Welly in sixth and just four points off second place Thornbury Town.

However, with their next five scheduled fixtures being away Stevens says that commitment is essential for a promotion push.

"If we can get the right commitment off the players as we seem to be short of players for different reasons," added Stevens.

"It's difficult to get sides together to actually be there to compete. We had a reasonable on Saturday but had probably another full side not available.

"It's difficult to keep putting sides out all of the time. I'm looking forward to 2020 especially if like in previous seasons we have done better in the second half of the season.

"But we have to have the commitment of the players to get that to happen.

"We are not like Pegasus paying players and we are basically just getting a squad together.

"Malvern players also get paid and that's what we have to compete against.

"When they come in and want to take one of our players we have a word with the player but we know what it is.

"We don't mind them going to other teams if we think they are inproving themselves and not just for the money.

"I don't think it's improvement if it's the same league."

When asked for a comment on the payment of players Pegasus said that they pay players' expenses.