HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham says he understands the frustration of fans following a mixed first half of the season but urges them to get behind the side.

The Bulls return to action this Saturday when they host Guiseley, the first of eight fixtures before the end of January.

Graham says that he understands the frustration of fans following a run of eight league games without a win.

“It’s tough when what you watch doesn’t meet your expectations and you think maybe some people aren’t giving as much as you’d want them to,” said Graham.

“That is an individual perception and it’s frustrating if you pay good money to travel up and down the country or turn up on a freezing cold Tuesday night and you’re getting punched every time something happens.

“You can’t blame the referee for everything or blame one or two incidents for a poor result. We’ve got to try as hard as it is to stick together and remember that there is an objective at the end of this to get back to the Football League.

“To watch that match against York City and then go away to Curzon Ashton and see two completely separate performances, it’s very hard for fans to understand that.

“It’s just disappointing, all you want to see at Hereford is people who are prepared to wear their heart on their sleeve, put themselves into the tackle and do the best they can possibly do.

“I’m not going to pull any punches and there are times when I watch and think that didn’t cut it for me.

“It’s so demoralising when fans justifiably say they didn’t enjoy that.”

With three of the next four fixtures at Edgar Street over the festive period Graham is urging fans to voice their support.

Despite their run of form the Bulls sit seven points off the play-off positions and Graham says that all is not lost this season.

“People have to understand that the side are suffering some inconsistency at the moment, it’s not exciting people as it has done in the past,” added Graham.

“There is a re-build in place and there has been for a while.

“It’s also a little bit infuriating, if for example the board didn’t turn up and the club folded naturally we would be at fault.

“If you’ve got a team that turns up one week and then doesn’t perform how you want it to the following week there has got to be some questions asked.

“That is happening, the footballing management side are addressing what we need to, to make us more consistent and resilient.

“There is no doubt that the players play to the crowd when there is a buoyant atmosphere. That does make a difference to the players, it makes a difference to everyone attending because it makes you feel like you’ve been to something that you’ve enjoyed being at.

“Christmas is really important, we’ve got half-a-dozen matches in a period of 21 or 22 days. We have an opportunity still in this division and there are lots of other teams experiencing similar fluctuations in performances.

“We need the Hereford fans to turn up in force, to make the noise they are historically known for making and to get the Meadow End bouncing.

“When the Meadow End is buoyant there is no better place to watch a football match and it ripples into the main stand.

“That could be the difference as to whether we are able to push on at Christmas and into the New Year or whether we are content on and off the pitch to settle for mid-table.

“I’m certainly not content for mid-table. We’ve got to do it together all of us.”

Graham added that the potential of the club going full-time is still being considered but only when it is ‘sustainable’ to do so.

He added: “We are now reviewing a budget to look at the potential of going full-time. That’s as I see it the only thing that will deliver our vision of being as sustainable Football League club.

“There has to be a moment in time when we say yes let’s go full-time.

“But remember part of that vision is sustainable so what we can’t do is use everything that we’ve got on the flip of a coin and say let’s hope we can get up in one year by using all of our reserves.”