HEREFORD FC Chairman Andrew Graham said he had a ‘tough phone call’ resulting in the resignation of Head of Football Tim Harris.

Talking in his programme notes ahead of today’s game, Graham said: “It has certainly been an incredibly difficult few weeks on the pitch with results not reaching anywhere near the levels that we expected and require them to be.

“I said when I took this role on that there will be some difficult decisions that have to be made in order to achieve our goals- which are ultimately to return to the Football League.

“It’s clear to see that we’re not where we want to be at this moment in time and with that in mind I had a tough phone call with Tim Harris in which he offered, and I accepted, his resignation.

“We are all disappointed that it hasn’t worked out as we had hoped when Tim arrived; it is never nice to lose a member of the team, but I felt it was right to accept Tim’s resignation and now we must look to move forward.”

Hereford manager Russell Slade added: "I've not known Tim for long but in my short time here he has been exceptionally helpful and supportive, a good person who you can trust and who was great to have around the place."