HEREFORD Taekwondo saw some new faces on the podium at the Welsh Closed Championships recently.

The tournament was used to gain experience and build confidence in the lead up to the British Championships being held in Worcester.

Results from the Welsh Closed Championships were: Evangelos Fanourakis (gold sparring); Molly Higginbottom (gold patterns and gold tag team); Julie Hadley (gold tag teams and bronze sparring);

Hannah Hadley (silver tag teams and silver patterns); Kelly Marshall (gold sparring and tag teams, silver synchronised patterns and bronze patterns; Adam Janczewski (gold sparring and bronze patterns);

Jaroslaw Grzabel (gold sparring); Ed Mocanu (gold sparring and bronze tag teams); Nikola Janczewska (silver sparring); Livvi Lawrence (silver sparring).

If you are interested in taking up Taekwondo, please contact Master David Sheppard 7th Dan on 07966429392.