HEREFORD FC board member and commercial director George Webb is set to step down from his role at the club.

Webb confirmed on the club’s website that he will be standing down from his position at the forthcoming AGM.

Speaking to the club’s website, Webb said: “I have been proud to be on the club’s board and on the whole it has been a really enjoyable experience. There have been difficult times, but they have been far outweighed by the memorable days out we have had and the fantastic clubs we have visited and the people we have met.

“I would like to say thank you to our amazing office staff, the football staff, the ground staff and the commercial team for their support – they work tirelessly for this club, working incredibly long hours, and I genuinely believe you cannot understand how hard people have to work to keep the club moving forward unless you’ve been involved.

“Equally as importantly I would like to thank all our amazing volunteers – including all the Directors I have worked alongside – and anyone who offers their time to help our football club in any way they can. Volunteers are the backbone of this club, from top to bottom, and I am always amazed by the extra mile people are willing to go, whatever the task.

“In terms of my decision to step down, basically I just feel the time is right with the club looking to move in a new direction with bigger projects being planned in the community. Fresh energy will help drive those projects forward and I look forward to seeing how they develop.

“In my time on the board, we have tried to build the club by operating with some simple business rules such as keeping tickets as cheap as we can for kids and families to encourage the next generation of fans, looking to maximise our commercial income and build long-lasting relationships with the business community, and also to never spend money where it was not needed. That’s why my fellow board members have always taken great delight in mocking me for the way I want the floodlights on as late as possible and off as soon as possible!

“Finally, I’d like to thank the club’s loyal, committed supporters for the dedication they have to our football club. Although on the field the past 18 months have not quite lived up to the ambitions we all have, I’m confident that if people remain right behind the club, we will all be rewarded by a return to the Football League in the years to come.”