HEREFORD manager Russell Slade questioned the decisions of referee Michael Barlow after he saw his side have a disallowed goal and a penalty not given during their 3-2 defeat at Southport.

Debutant Stephen Dawson scored what he thought was a first half leveller for the Bulls following Zehn Mohhamed’s 10th minute opener.

However, despite Dawson’s 25-yard effort flying into the net Dawson disallowed the effort after Peter Vincenti was judged to have made a handball earlier in the move.

Slade added: “There was some bizarre things happening in that first period where Dawson has broken through and there’s a decision 15 seconds earlier that the referee decides to bring it back for when he’s made a perfectly good finish to equalise.

“I don’t know what he was thinking, I’m not sure he knows what he was thinking.

“Of course we get probably, to be fair, a little bit of fortune with the penalty which I thought was just outside the box and not inside the box.

“In terms of merit we deserved that because we had taken control in the last 15 minutes of the game and we deserved that.

“I thought we got on top and the game was there set for us in that second period for us to go and win.”

When put to him that the referee ‘looked very poor’, Slade replied: “That’s your opinion and who am I to disagree with that.”

In the second half Reece Styche was given the chance to fire the Bulls ahead put this time saw his effort saved.

Slade added: “We deserved it and should have had a third penalty as there was a very clear handball in the box and he should have given that.

“Maybe he was fed-up as he had already given us two, I don’t know.”

However, Southport stole the points with David Morgan firing his effort into the net before Davarn Green caught the visitors on the break and wrapped up the points with nine minutes remaining.

With two minutes remaining Kelsey Mooney did pull a goal back for the visitors, but the Bulls couldn’t find a late equaliser.

It was Hereford’s second away defeat on the bounce after losing to Bradford (Park Avenue) 3-2 in their last outing.

 “That’s two away games and six goals. By the way we’ve scored four and it could have been more than four which you’ve seen tonight.

“So we’ve got that ability to score but can’t go conceding the types of goals that we’ve conceded tonight and expect every single time to go and win 4-3.

“It’s not that easy the game, you’ve got to be solid, reliable and value the basics at the back and do them properly. All the way through the game.

“The communication at times leaves me staggered because with a little bit more talking at the right time we could organise ourselves in term of overloading the opposition.

 “Just talk and organise yourself better. But they’ve got to start coming to the show now and they’ve got to start doing that now as we need to move forward.

“In terms of getting on top of a game away from home that’s probably as good as we’ve done between the two boxes.

“We all know it’s about those two boxes as well, they are massively important. We’ve got to shut them out at that end and penetrate at the other end."